"I have been with Alive Again ministries for 2 years. I entered the program years ago as I was seeking help for my eating disorder. I would not be set free from my eating disorder if I hadn't completed this program. When I walked in to this program about 2 years ago I learned about Christ, what it means to be loved and to be loved by others. I have interned for the second year and am now blessed with being the role model and helping other young ladies as they begin their recovery." Bri Clow

"After 10 years of drug addiction Alive Again Ministries has been the answer to my prayers and the prayers of my family. Through being in Gods word I have learned the true meaning of having a REAL relationship with Christ. I have learned more than I ever imagined! When I got here I  expected to get help but never did I expect to have such a deep relationship with God and learn the things I have. I have begun to grow into the person I know God intended me to be. I cannot thank Alive Again Ministries enough for the things they have done. I am a much healthier person because of them and I highly recommend them to anyone looking for help for themselves or for a family member." - Megan

"Alive Again Ministries was the game-changer which brought hope where there was none. The program helped me learn the key to success. And the key is, even in the midst of pain, no matter it’s source, is to return to the oasis that always saves. In the past year I have gone from seemingly constant difficulty to a revival of love. A love for Jesus, for the wisdom He gives, and for life itself—but specifically the life He has set out for me. I have learned a dependence on myself led to failure and pain, but the key to success I now make my goal to live by is to simply depend on Him. I am extremely grateful for the ability to have been a part of this ministry and for the authentic help it gave." Savannah

"Alive Again has been an absolute answer to prayer. What a relief, knowing that our daughter is in the right place--to heal, grow, learn, and get beyond the self-destructive behaviors that had her stuck in a vicious cycle for years. We feel at ease with the knowledge that she is safe, well cared for, getting godly counseling and learning better habits for life. Best of all, she wants to be there! I thank God daily for this ministry."  - 22 years old from Ohio

"Our daughter has transformed from a posture of rebellion, selfishness and isolation into the sweet, humble, appreciative, hope filled - Jesus focused girl she was years prior. The Lord has already accomplished all this in her first two months at Alive Again Ministries. She is there by her own choice and is choosing to stay there for even more growth. We are overjoyed. Praise the Lord." -  18 yers old from California (Daughter of a Pastor)

"I had nowhere to turn other than the Lord and he has answered my prayers. Having sent my daughter to many rehabs only to return to the same drug use and promiscuity it was recommended she go to the Alive Again Home. This has allowed my family to find comfort that she is safe and on a long-term path of discovering how Jesus will forgive and guide her heart to change by making lifestyle changes that include better decision making. My family is so grateful for this blessing, Alive Again Ministries."  -  20 years old, New York (Daughter of Physician)

Anchored in Core Beliefs

Our 'FIRST 30' program is where your journey begins! Upon walking through the door of our beautiful welcoming home, you will be greeted by a loving staff dedicated to serve YOU! Your recovery and restoration are our priorities so you will immediately meet your Big Sister! She will be your roommate, share many common interests and battles you may be experiencing, and will help you settle into the home and program with care, compassion and understanding.  



Beautiful Surroundings

Next, we will introduce you to our daily routine and schedule. With a focus on discipleship, you will be taken through a 30-day journey in a world-recognized discipleship curriculum, which will help you to understand, build, and rebuild relationships with your family, community, and most importantly Jesus Christ. During your classes, you will also participate in staff and Pastor led group bible studies, which will bring scripture to LIFE, and will be a great place to find a new beginning!

The Program

Today you begin your journey with spiritual advising from a staff specializing in recovery ministry. You will also have the opportunity to sit with local Pastors who will provide you with deep spiritual counseling to guide you towards a life FREE from your affliction. After the physical healing, spirtual maturity and establishing the foundation of  your life to be applied after your stay with us, then will you be successful in your completion of the program.

Our Curriculum

Fulfilling your physical needs and recovery is only the first step. The next is to change your action based on desires and the ability to recognize your "triggers" of risky behavior. To excel in this area, Alive Again has a structured, biblical based curriculum. Growing your knowledge and designed to address the underlying issues that have controlled your behaviors in every aspect of your life. Share the time growing your person and your heart.