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Resident Spotlight

It has now been 4 months and 11 Ministries, and I can only say this has been the best decision of my life. I absolutely love the director Jinette Romero and the two interns Brianna Clow and Kalissa Levengood. My family starting to write me more and more as God continues to restore our relationship. My grandparents who I haven't talked to in years wrote me as well, God is continuing to do amazing things in my life and showing and revealing of who he is.

I am now reading "where is God when it hurts" and has really minister to my life and has brought healing and deliverance.
I have been baptized saved and unashamed just giving me a lot of Hope in my life to move on from my past hurts.

I am alive, healthy and happy. I'm not going to lie, life's tough, but life easier to lay when I have God loves me through everything and knowing everything covers from God's hand to comforting me.

The verse I stand on is 
Exodus 14:14, "The Lord will fight for you, and you have only to be silent.”


Message From Jinette 

As the Director of Alive Again Ministries, I was so excited for the opportunity to attend the Discover Life retreat at Huntersfield Christian Training Center in New York. Drew Caldwell really opened my eyes and help me develop a better understanding for the books of the first and second Kings. His teachings were insightful, intense and biblical. He let the word penetrate his heart and let it minister to his own life making him open and vulnerable to share it to others. This teaching helps others, so they can minister as well.

The discussions and insight he brought to his lessons made me dig deep within myself. I now feel that I can take the lessons that I've learned apply them to my life, and help future residence and interns in their relationship with Christ at the Alive Again Ministries.

The week was blessing, and we are grateful for the generosity of Huntersfield Christian Training Center for inviting our ministry as a guest to attend this conference.

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Demonstrate you stand against drugs. 65,000 died in 2016.

Alive Again Ministries is seeking to bring awareness to the surface and allow families to be unashamed when a loved one is in crisis.  We want to allow the conversation that may invite others to ask how they or someone that is their circles get help. Please become an advocate for open and honest conversation. God will prevail leading the person in need to ask for help.

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Alive Again Ministries is a Christian rehabilitation center for those suffering from ailments related to depression, self-harm, alcohol and drugs. It is based on the fundamental belief that the solutions to problems can be found through faith in God.

The program is simple, yet it is the answer with the majority of cases.  A young lady is provided with a separated life away from unsettling influences.  By studying and working with others like themselves, they can begin to understand the basic truths of life and why they have faltered along the way. 

Alive Again Ministries relies heavily on the financial giving from others. Although most of our residents have support to pay fees, it does not underwrite the full cost of the ministry. As good stewards, 100% of all gifts go to the direct support of the girls in residential recovery allowing them to grow in Christ and learn the life skills necessary to achieve success in life after the program. Each girl becomes another disciple for God’s Kingdom, sharing the Gospel and leading the others to a personal relationship with Christ.

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Residential treatment at Alive Again Ministries is an intensive and holistic experience during which women receive personalized services that are best suited to help them achieve long-term recovery from chemical dependency and certain co-occurring mental health disorders.

Each girl who elects to enter the AAM program, North Carolinas’ Christian addiction home for girls, will have a unique residential experience. Our main objectives for each resident who is entrusted into our care are the same. We provide a focused program where each person is treated with dignity and respect.


Alive Again lets the light in dark places
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