Alive Again Ministries is a religious corporation located in Sanford North Carolina. Established in 2015. Our mission is ‘To provide a Christ-centered nurturing environment for women experiencing addiction, hurts, hang-ups, and habits”

So how do we help these girls return to a normal life?

Sanford, NC: Alive Again Ministry provides a safe, faith-based recovery program that operates a beautiful home currently serving 6 girls and will quickly fill up to our max of 12 girls with this current expansion. We teach them life skills, spiritual healing, and biblical love. The program engages the girls with a healthy diet, exercise and counseling which gives the time necessary for the improvement in their decision making and interpersonal communication skills while helping discover and overcome the triggers that drive addiction while building a solid foundation in Christ.

The fact is, there is a growing need for programs like this throughout the US, and the need has not slowed since the epidemic started. More young women are exposed to drugs and other self-destructive behaviors every day. The sad truth is that many, even those from well-to-do families in seemingly "safe areas" end up in addiction and depression. While most addiction recovery programs have a typical treatment time of 30 day and at a cost of 20 – 40K, these has proven to be measurably unsuccessful. Offering a long-term residential program at a cost of $1,000 monthly, Alive Again is an affordable and greater in success alternative that allow families to be confident their daughters are safe. 

For us to continue to provide this type of safe nurturing environment for women seeking a better life, we simply must rely on our supporters to help us. We will be undertaking a capital campaign to allow a purchase of a home the size necessary to accommodate 20+ residents. As we grew from 6 to 12, we expect to once again double our size.

There are many ways you can be a real part of helping these women go from a life of darkness, to a path toward hope in our Savior. The first and most obvious way to help is financially, so please give. We always ask you pray for the girls and the ministry and if you are available to volunteer, please follow our website menu to begin that process.

Donations will not only be directly crucial to saving lives by going toward a larger space for our girls to live, but you will also be provided with a 501(c)(3) tax receipt for your generosity. The other way you can be a part of the solution is by helping us with practical things needed for growth like bunkbeds, linens and towels.

For additional information or ways you may wish to help, please feel free to call David Cummings 845-206-5267

3096 S Horner Blvd, Suite 280 Sanford, NC 27332