David Cummings
Alive Again Ministries, Inc. 501(c)(3)


Treatment for girls with addiction, self-harm and life controlling issues

Sanford, NC: Alive Again Ministries helps girls 18 to 28 that suffer with addiction and self-harming behaviors. Today, opioid use is on every news program, newspaper story, politicians stump speeches and in emergency rooms nationwide. Other girls cut, purge and or act absent of life effecting outcomes.  So how do these girls return to a normal life?

Charleigh, who came to Alive Again 8 months ago, 85 lbs. addicted to meth and pills and exhibiting promiscuity. Charleigh is now thriving and left the program and has a healthy future with better decision-making processes while centered in a strong relationship with Christ.

Alive Again Ministry is a Christian organization that operates a beautiful home serving 12 girls at any one-time, teaching them life skills, spiritual healing, and biblical love. The program engages the girls with a healthy diet, exercise and counseling for a period of one year. This gives the time necessary for the improvement in their decision making and interpersonal communication skills while helping discover and overcome the triggers that drive addiction, depression and self-harm.

While most addiction and recovery programs have a typical treatment time of 30 day and at a cost of 20 – 40K, these has proven to be measurably unsuccessful. Offering a long-term residential program at a cost of $1,000 monthly, Alive Again is affordable and allows families to be confident their daughter is safe. The process of deteriorating families when parents have lost influence in a daughter’s recovery is turned around restoring the family and the ability to regain trust in the family.

About; Alive Again Ministries, Inc is a religious corporation located in Sanford North Carolina. Established in 2015, the mission is

‘To provide a Christ-centered nurturing environment for women experiencing addiction, hurts, hang-ups, and habits”


For further information please contact David Cummings, 845-206-5267