Prepare to begin the program

Packing for your stay

What not to bring

No electronics of any kind, including but not limited to cell phones, tablets, computers or iPods. It is our goal to eliminate all "noise" and allow the you to begin the process of healing absent interruptions from social media, calls or any other electronics, which have no intrinsic value. No cigarettes, vaping or any related products and devices. 

What you should bring

Packing List

(2) pair Pajamas Pants 
(5) pairs Comfortable t-shirts 
(2) light-weight jacket 
(2) pairs sweatpants
(1) sweatshirt
(7) pairs Underwear (at least one week’s supply)
(4) Bras
(1) Athletic shoes – sneakers 
(1) dress shoes
(1) flipflops (1 pair)
(5) Socks

(3) Dresses or skirts with appropriate top
(2) Dressy pants with appropriate top
Tooth care items
Alcohol-free mouthwash (Denat)
Hair brush
Mist spray perfume (Ingredients: Alcohol Denat)
Plastic container to carry personal grooming items



First 30 Day's

  1. Residents are equally, all on complete "black-Out" with no inbound or outbound communication of any kind for 30 day's which may be extended when necessary. The purpose is to begin the uninterrupted process of adjusting to life absent the chains that bind the girls. We find the dedicated focus on beginning the healing process creates the ability for girls to reconcile themselves with the commitment to change and grow.
  2. No packages or letters inbound or outbound, as these create a disturbance during this self-reflection period.


  1. The girls all follow the house routines including scheduling from wake up, devotionals, exercise, meals, study-time, counseling sessions, personal care and lights out.
  2. As members of in Sanford, All attend service on every Sunday and a class on Tuesday evening. Proper attire is required; skirt or dress
  3. Counseling is provided by a licensed therapist and is billed for a flat rate of $200 monthly as private pay. At no time does Alive Again Ministries get involved with the billing for therapy, medications or physician visits. We do arrange, coordinate and assure appointments will be kept, but we require payment with a payment card by resident's behalf.

Life after the First 30


  1. The first communication will be on the Saturday following the 30th day provided the proper behavior and attitude will permit. 
  2. All calls are on a predetermined time arranged with the house director and will last for no longer than 15 minutes. At no time will call be permitted to boyfriends or acquaintances; but family only.
  3. Calls are intended for positive communication and not program debriefing. All girls’ status will be discussed with a staff member during a separate call during the week.


  1. Family visits may be permitted after 60 days from intake date. Visits are for up to two days on Friday and Saturday, or Saturday and a few hours on Sunday. The pickup time is 9AM and the girls must return no later than 4PM. If you wish to attend Sunday service, you may then be able to go out for brunch/lunch and have her return home by 3PM. This is intended for those traveling a great distance to provide maximum visitation. 
  2. Holidays are not permitted for visits. This is the time that we plan activities, celebrations and festivities. Having a girl have visitors creates disruption among those who have no visitors and with the staff and volunteers who have planned the activities.
  3. We recommend not creating too much "activity" and take this time to enjoy her company. Please avoid excessive "shopping", large crowds and long drives. This is counterproductive during the time and atmosphere being created within the program.
  4. At no time is a girl to be exposed to a cell phone, social media or any computer access. This historically has not had any positive outcome and often causes a setback for a girl who is in a recovery program.
  5. Visits are only permitted every 60 or 90 days based on the individual. We will not allow additional visits more frequently than 60-day intervals.
  6. At no time is a girl to be exposed to any alcohol or cigarettes. 


  1. All fees are due on the anniversary of entry each month. A late fee of 5% will be assessed for any payment received after the 5th day of month.
  2. Payments not received by the 15th day after due date will result in the termination of the program.


  1. Insurance must be applicable in North Carolina or the resident must apply for North Carolina Medicaid
  2. Any fees not covered must be paid with an available form of payment the director will manage.
  3. Medications are provided by a local pharmacy and Co-Pays need to be made available by form of payment.


  1. Upon the successful completion of the program, we welcome the girl to apply to remain for one 90-day internship, At the end of this internship, the girl should be able to move onto the next life step, home, school or independent living. 
  2. Any girl who intends on remaining beyond the initial year of program, the fee can be adjusted with the plan to introduce the girl to part-time employment, prepare for biblical education, ministry work, etc. 
  3. After completion, the girl may have home visits based on an individual plan.

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