Program Fees

What Are the Program Fees?

Alive Again Ministries program is $1,995.00 for the "FIRST 30 days" program, and the monthly fee is $1200 thereafter for all housing, food the biblical program and individual therapy.




Program Fees
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When Are Fees Due?

Payment must be paid prior to entry to the home. Additional expenses include preferred personal care items, outside medical attention due to illness or injury, medications, and transportation arrangements to and from AAM. Any medical is paid directly to the provider and all accept medical insurance where applicable. Arrangements for prearranged fees is available. The program fee includes therapy with our licensed therapist. Please call to discuss.


Auto Payment After The Initial Month?

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Can a Church or Organization Sponsor Me?

Yes! Under certain circumstances, students may be sponsored by organizations wishing to pay the fee on your behalf. If you are applying to a church or organization for the financial support, we require the approval from the sponsor to be communicated and approved by the Alive Again Business Department prior to admission. Please have your sponsoring church or organization contact us directly when your application is submitted at

It is important to know that although donors underwrite the major costs, all program fees are non-refundable. You will be expected to acknowledge the policies and guidelines, and your support network or family will need to agree to participate in the development of your aftercare from the program.

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