Program Outcomes


Alive Again Ministries is purposeful in its programming. To see the vision fulfilled we covet to see and determine to measure specific outcomes in each of the girls lives. Specifically, graduating girls should now be: 

  1. Living a relationship in the Word, in order to build one's identity in Christ

Successful student graduates will understand that the Bible is God’s special revelation to mankind, have participated in His saving Grace, and realize that their identity comes from God as part of His creation, and as a beloved child of His. 

  1. Able to identify and operate in their strengths and passions.  

Successful student graduates have developed a better understanding how God created them and live in conformity with such, not against God’s plan. 

  1.  Able to identify and operate in their calling

Successful student graduates have developed a better understanding of who they are and how God’s purpose will be worked out, both now and in their future. 

  1. Able to practice practical life skills and personal care.  

Successful student graduates take pride in being God’s creation and live daily as such. 

  1. Maintained (where applicable) secondary education, with a plan to further pursue academic success

Successful student graduates have developed a desire to learn and to continue their education. 

  1. Equipped with a plan for success, including an absence of obstacles (legal, CPS/children, driver's license, employment)

Successful student graduates have made progress in overcoming hurdles put in their way because of their past attitude and actions. 

  1. Desirous of remaining connected

Successful student graduates know that learning and growing is a lifelong process and that they have received a “sound foundation” through their time and experience at Alive Again. 

  1. Exhibits emotional healing from previous hurts, hang-ups, and habits, and shows an understanding of how to handle future situations.   

Successful student graduates understand past poor decision-making and behavior and employ the tools and wisdom to make better decisions in the future. 

  1. Demonstrates they have internalized the core values and beliefs of Alive Again as essential to good decision-making

 Successful student graduates evidence a Spirit controlled life. They realize they were lost but now are found.