Program Refund Policy

Alive Again Ministries incurs a variety of charges from recruitment, application, intake process, education and facility expenses. Careful planning goes into developing study programs and the life skills learned during the program. Other program expenses are incurred before the program begins based on the estimated, or in some cases, exact number of participants. Therefore, it is not possible for payments or charges to be refunded if a girl chooses to withdraw from a program. In order to withdraw from a program, one must submit the Withdrawal Form and, if a minor, must be signed by the guardian.

  • If you withdraw from the Alive Again program after the program officially begins, you will not be refunded any of the program costs or application fees, including housing, transportation, and any related costs.
  • If you elected to finance, you remain obligated to the funding source,
  • The Alive Again Ministries Fee is non-refundable.
  • Alive Again Ministries assumes no responsibility for losses or penalties as well as reserves the rights to alter, change or revise schedules, credits, and costs.
  • Alive Again Ministries does not offer tax donation receipts for program fees. We recommend consulting your tax advisor on status of deducting fees.