We are so much more than just another "drug rehab". We offer hope and direction for all areas of life in Jesus Christ through sharing The Gospel, and by providing a path to emotional healing through our in depth spiritual advisement and pastoral care. One particular goal is to help identify individual passions and giftedness, which helps point toward higher purpose and significance. During the year, girls become confident in sobriety, relationships and plan for growth free from the darkness experienced before entering the program. 


Your First 30 Days

Anchored in Core Beliefs

Our 'FIRST 30' program is where your journey begins! Upon walking through the door of our beautiful welcoming home, you will be greeted by a loving staff dedicated to serve YOU! Your recovery and restoration are our priorities so you will immediately meet your Big Sister! She will be your roommate, share many common interests and battles you may be experiencing, and will help you settle into the home and program with care, compassion and understanding.  



Beautiful Surroundings

Next, we will introduce you to our daily routine. With a focus on discipleship, you will be taken through a 30-day journey in a world-recognized discipleship curriculum, which will help you to understand, build, and rebuild relationships with your family, community, and most importantly Jesus Christ. During your classes, you will also participate in staff and Pastor led group bible studies, which will bring scripture to LIFE, and will be a great place to find a new beginning!

Completing The Program

Today you begin your journey with spiritual advising from a staff specializing in recovery ministry. You will also have the opportunity to sit with local Pastors who will provide you with deep spiritual counseling to guide you towards a life FREE from control. After the physical healing, spirtual maturity and establishing the foundation for  your life after recovery, then will you be successful in your completion of the program.

Our Program

Fulfilling your physical needs and recovery is only the first step. The next is to change your action based on desires and the ability to recognize your "triggers" of risky behavior. To excel in this area, Alive Again has a structured, biblical based curriculum. Growing your knowledge and designed to address the underlying issues that have controlled your behaviors in every aspect of your life. Share the time growing your person and your heart.  



After you've completed your 'FIRST 30', our staff will take you through the next 90 days in furthering your recovery. This is where you will begin to explore what the underlying causes of your poor decision that lead to your indiscretions and addiction.

The Next 90


During  the 'NEXT 90' days of our program, you will gain access to many more life-changing opportunities, and take an even larger step towards
a life filled with HOPE and happiness. Further focuses include Life-Coaching, Personal Refinement, an opportunity to become a Big Sister, and
Level One Leadership mentoring. Also during this portion of our program we continue moving you forward with the next level of our Discipleship Program (Phase Two).
Everything mentioned in the 'FIRST 30' portion of our program will continue, including Biblical Studies, Group Shares, 1-on-1 Counseling/Advising, and more.  




During the months completing the year, this is a time for an in-depth focus on life after, when you will lean on the life coping skills and apply the in real-life circumstances. 
During this time-frame we will further prepare you for a bright future ahead by continuing with the FINAL phase of our discipleship curriculum,
and continuing with everything from both the 'FIRST 30' and 'NEXT 90'. In addition, you will begin leadership mentoring.  
Whether your goal is to transition back to full-time work, pursue college and/or ministry, or to become a live-in intern at AAM, we will guide you towards your
destination of choice. Completers is the final leg of your journey with Alive Again Ministries, and is designed to grow you past your expectations.

We are interested in the recovery of things that matter most -
Your relationship with God, self-identity and worth, and build relationships with your family.